Trailer for Kentucky Bourbon Tales: Distilling the Family Business from Joanna Hay on Vimeo.

Kentucky Bourbon Tales An abundance of pure limestone water and the distinct Kentucky seasons shape the taste and aroma in every bottle of Kentucky Bourbon. However, these resources are only as valuable as the incredible craftsmen that have called Kentucky home for centuries. The Kentucky Bourbon Tales collection is a searchable archive of oral history interviews with Master Distillers and Bourbon Barons. Learn about the history of Kentucky, America’s Native Spirit and all the people who influenced Bourbon along the way.

Kentucky Bourbon Tales Digital Exhibit:
This website serves as the clearinghouse for the interview excerpts. It includes over 170 short videos, ranging from 1-7 minutes in length. They are all tagged so a user can view all of the excerpts related to a single individual, company or brand, but also view all of the excerpts pertaining to topics such as “Why Kentucky?” or “the Bourbon Making Process,” or “Prohibition.”

This website draws from the YouTube playlist below and serves as a portal to that playlist. If you want to access the raw YouTube playlist, see below. Each of these videos can be embedded or linked to separately, so it is optimized for social media, embedding into websites or tours and other forms of digital distribution.