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Here Comes the Bourbon: 10 Tips for a Spirited Wedding

August 31, 2022

Like Kentucky Bourbon, the strongest marriages only get better with age. And like Kentucky Bourbon, they’re made with love and can withstand every season. But unlike an empty bottle of Bourbon, you can’t just throw them away. *ba-dum ching*

If you’ve made it this far reading–congratulations! Clearly, you’re a soon-to-be-newlywed and you probably love America’s spirit (almost) as much as we do! To help make Bourbon a key ingredient in your wedding festivities, we’ve rolled out all the inspo you need for a full proof celebration.

1. Bury a Bottle of Bourbon Before the Big Day

Kentucky couples know burying a bottle of Bourbon one month before your wedding is the secret to perfect weather on the big day. 

Maybe it’s superstition, but we’re willing to take our chances. All you have to do is head to the site where you’ll get married exactly one month before your wedding, and bury a full bottle of unopened Bourbon upside down. Legend has it that the dirt-covered Bourbon wards off the rain. 

On the morning of your wedding, dig the bottle back up with your soon-to-be-spouse, and then share it with your loved ones throughout the day. 

Photo credit: donovangrovesevents

2. Plan a Bourbon Trail™ Bach Party

We might be biased, but there’s no better place to have a pre-wedding bash than the Kentucky Bourbon Trail®.  

Rent a limo or bus stocked with drinks, water, snacks and music to make the trip between distilleries almost as memorable as the Bourbons you’ll try along the way. Plan your stay at a hotel, bed & breakfast or airbnb that works with your itinerary–and don’t forget to hit up some of the countless Bourbon-themed restaurants and bars Kentucky has to offer. 

Bonus: Book a cocktail class or private group tasting to add to the experience!

3. Bourbonize Your Wedding Party Gifts

From engraved tasting and rocks glasses to customized mini bottles–there are many ways to help your wedding crew get in the spirit of love for your wedding day. 

Indulge the senses with Bourbon-scented candles and soaps, plan for the afterparty with engraved flasks, or savor something sweet by adding Bourbon balls or Bourbony cookies. The world is your oyster, so be sure to get creative! 

Select products include the Kentucky Bourbon Trail®’s Personalized Buck Leather Wrap Flask and Bluegrass Bowtie Company’s Bourbon Barrel Bowtie.

4. Upcycle Empty Bottles to Make Unique Centerpieces & Decor

Did you know empty Bourbon bottles can be transformed into stunning DIY centerpieces? Make good use of your old ones by turning them into unique, one-of-a-kind arrangements that reflect the style and vibe of your wedding. 

Need an idea for table number displays? Add custom bottle tags to bottles of Bourbon, or have the numbers engraved. Then, hide a small token beneath one chair at each table. The guest sitting at the lucky seat gets to take the bottle home!

Photo credit: Ivory Door Studio for’s Bourbon Inspired Farm Wedding

5. Create an Anniversary Bourbon Bottle Lineup

If you’d rather crack a bottle of Bourbon on your anniversary than pop champagne, this one’s for you. 

Buy a variety of different bottles you love or have been wanting to try, and ask guests to sign them with fun quotes and sweet messages. Stow them safely away until your anniversary. Make it a tradition to open one of the bottles every year. 

Have a pour, reminisce on your special day and maybe even shed a tear! Then make jokes about who is really getting better with age–your spouse or the Bourbon. (We kid!)

Photo credit: Anna May Photography

6. Serve Up Some Spirited Vows

For couples who are realllllyyyyy about the Kentucky lifestyle, try adding a little Bourbon humor to your vows. After all, there’s nothing more romantic than promising to always roll with the punches, to proof your love every day, and to never bottle your feelings. And depending on your mood, you could always promise to keep things spicy, corny or sweet. 

Just make sure to let your spouse-to-be know that you’ll always stay bonded, no matter what. 

7. Offer a DIY Mason Jar Cocktail Bar at the Reception

Invite your guests to get shakin’ at the reception by crafting their own drink at a DIY Mason Jar Bourbon Cocktail Bar.  

Offer a variety of your favorite Bourbons for them to choose from and include plenty of different flavored syrups, jams, fresh fruits and bitters to add to their jar. Fill with ice, shake and enjoy! Delicious. 

8. Have Guests Sign a Barrel Head Instead of a Guestbook

Traditional guest books are great, but sweet messages written on an authentic Kentucky Bourbon barrel head that can be displayed in your home after the big day? That’s way more our style. 

Customize your barrel head with your initials, last name, or any details that make it feel special to you. Place it on a table with a permanent marker and ask your guests to leave their well wishes and loving advice.

Photo credit: fraziemuseumevents

9. Make Your Love Official with a Bourbon Barrel Wedding Ring

In Kentucky, we take our Bourbon pretty seriously. So seriously that we’ll even wear tiny barrels on our fingers. Well, not really. But we will rock a wedding band made from genuine aged reclaimed Bourbon barrels! 

This is a great way to not only preserve the unique history of barrels once used to store aging Bourbon, but to give second life to wood that may have otherwise been discarded or destroyed. A win for sustainability is always a bonus for us.

Photo credit: Bourbon Barrel Rings

10. Treat Your Guests to Party Favor Minis

Stock up on miniature bottles of your favorite Bourbon. (How cute is this mini Jim Beam Devil’s Cut?) Create your own labels or bottle tags, or simply add a ribbon to give them a festive, decorative touch. 

Your guests will love having this sweet treat to save for a rainy day–or for a nightcap after the reception. No judgment here.

If you bring any of these ideas to life at your wedding, we’d love to hear all about it! Please send your pictures and spirited stories to [email protected]

Enjoy Like a True Kentuckian: Responsibly