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In Kentucky, bourbon is not just our thing. It’s everything.
After all, we have been making it for longer than we’ve been a state.
Our Roots Run Deep

There’s a reason 95% of the world’s Bourbon is made in Kentucky. And it’s not just because we’ve been perfecting our craft since the very beginning.

illustration of Kentucky's rolling hills
Raise a Glass for Mother Earth

Bourbon and grains go hand-in-hand. So having some of the most fertile soil around makes Kentucky the perfect place to grow corn–something you can’t make Bourbon without.

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On the Rocks. Literally.

Because Kentucky sits on top of a massive limestone shelf, the water flowing through our Commonwealth is naturally filtered and packed with the minerals yeast need to thrive. Many believe our pure limestone water is the secret to making the world’s best Bourbon.

illustration of clouds in the sky
Unpredictably Perfect.

Our hot summers, cold winters and varying humidity cause Bourbon barrels to expand and contract with the seasons. These temperature swings are a vital part of the aging process, bringing unique flavors, color and character to every batch in every barrel.

illustration of a man rolling a barrel
One Sip and You’re Family.

From whiskey dreamers to lifelong makers, and connoisseurs to first-time tasters, Kentucky is where the world comes for Bourbon. It’s the people who share our passion and our pride who’ve made Kentucky Bourbon what it is today.

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You Can’t Rush Perfection.

Bourbon making is an art and a science that takes time to get right. We’ve had over 200 years to patiently perfect our craft, and the results speak for themselves.

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From our rolling hills to the world’s fastest race horses, there’s a lot to love about Kentucky. But the most epic adventures always begin with Bourbon.
Main Ingredient: Kentucky Bourbon
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Enjoy Like a True Kentuckian: Responsibly