2019 Kentucky Bourbon
Hall of Fame Press Release

Kentucky Bourbon Hall of FameThe Kentucky Distillers’ Association and the Kentucky Bourbon Festival created the Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame in 2001 to recognize individuals and organizations that have made a significant impact on Bourbon’s stature, growth and awareness. It is the highest honor given by our signature industry. The prestigious Hall of Fame induction ceremony takes place during the Kentucky Bourbon Festival each September.

Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame Gallery

2001 Recipients

Parker Beam
Lincoln Wesley Henderson
Elmer T. Lee
Fred McMillen
Booker Noe
Jimmy Russell
Jim Rutledge
Bill Samuels, Jr.

2002 Recipients

George T. Stagg
George Garvin Brown
Col. James B. Beam
Julian P. Van Winkle
Frank Thompson
Gary, George, David, Ed and Mose Shapira
Williams Samuels, Sr.
Oscar Getz
Ova Haney
Sylvester Ribaudo

2003 Recipients

Paul Pacult
Orville Schupp
Paul Jones, Jr.
Earl Beam
Sam K. Cecil
Ernest W. Ripy, Jr.
John Joseph Boswell

2004 Recipients

Charles R. DeSpain
Albert G. Geiser
Dixie P. Hibbs
Tom McCarthy
Edward O’Daniel, Jr.
Gary Regan
Gene Snyder

2005 Recipients

Elmore Sherman Family
John Hansell
Damian Riley Smith
Dale DeGroff
Jeremiah Beam
Albert Blanton
Pamela Wood Gover

2006 Recipients

Carl Beam
William F. Friel
Michael R. Veach

2007 Recipients

Edward Baker Beam
Gary R. Gayheart
Tom Moore
Jim Murray
Steve Nally
Kenny Rapier

2008 Recipients

Brad Boswell
Owsley Brown I
Thomas J. Flocco
Edwin S. Foote
Rita L. Greenwell
Jimmy Wickham
Evan Williams

2009 Recipients

David M. Beam
John Henry “Jack” Beam
Tom Bulleit
Charles K. Cowdery
Frank M. Dailey
Mary Jane Dickerson
Edward S. Monohan III
President William Howard Taft

2010 Recipients

Charles L. Beam
Ronnie Eddins
Eddie Russell

2011 Recipients

David Hobbs
Al Young

2012 Recipient

I.W. Bernheim

2013 Recipients

Frederick Booker Noe III
Tom Blincoe

2014 Recipient

Margie Mattingly Samuels

2015 Recipients

Parker Beam
Owsley Brown II
Kathleen DiBenedetto
U.S. Senator Wendell Ford
Donna Nally

2016 Recipients

Barry Becton
Joy Perrine
John Rhea
William M. Street
Jimmy Russell (Lifetime Achievement)

2017 Recipients

Chris Morris
Harry J. Shapira
Jerry Summers
Bill Samuels, Jr., (Lifetime Achievement)

2018 Recipients

Freddie Johnson
Dr. Pearse Lyons
Matthew J. Shattock
Max L. Shapira (Lifetime Achievement)

2019 Recipients

Katrina Egbert
Wesley Henderson
Larry Kass
Charles W. Medley
Peggy Noe Stevens
Even G. Kulsveen (Lifetime Achievement)