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Beer + Bourbon Barrel + Cocoa – What More Do You Need? Kentucky®️ Bourbon Barrel Cocoa Porter Sneak Peek at GABF in Denver, CO

October 12, 2023

Kentucky®️ Bourbon Barrel Cocoa Porter (8.0% abv) Released Nationally 

LEXINGTON, Ky., October 12, 2023— Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co., the only brewery and distillery on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail®️, gave a sneak peek to their newest seasonal beer 2-weeks ago at GABF (Great American Beer Festival) in Denver, CO and this week announces nationwide availability for its Kentucky®️ Bourbon Barrel Cocoa Porter (SRP $14.99 / 4pk Bottles). This is a seasonal beer release.   

Kentucky®️ Bourbon Barrel Cocoa Porter – 8.0% abv 

Innovation is key for seasonal beer releases, but barrel-aging beer takes trial & error along with patience, the same as does aging whiskey.  Kentucky®️ Bourbon Barrel Cocoa Porter is the second in a lineage of seasonal barrel-aged porters to be released around the holidays by Lexington.  Whereas last year’s release of Kentucky®️ Bourbon Barrel Peppermint Porter focused on the nostalgia of the holidays via candy canes and peppermint schnapps, this year’s Cocoa variant aims to satisfy your sweet tooth – delivering with rich chocolate and of course, hot cocoa.  “Cocoa Porter is brewed with cocoa nibs and 100% barrel-aged to build out a rich full body Porter with notes of bittersweet chocolate, roasted malts and hints of oak, vanilla, rounded out with a sweet toffee finish.” says Brandon Martin, Master Brewer at Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co.  “…a perfect beer for the cooler weather, a little sweet treat of the evening.”  Looking to the future – the Kentucky®️ Bourbon Barrel Cocoa Porter makes an excellent canvas to paint on, exploring the world of different chocolates, malts, aging/cellaring techniques and any other variables that would allow for continued experimentation at the brewery in pursuit of capturing the world of chocolate in a bottle. 

A Sneak Peek at The Great American Beer Festival® 

The Great American Beer Festival®, America’s favorite beer festival and cultural phenomenon takes place each Fall in Denver, CO.  Annually over 1,100 breweries and an estimated 40,000 beer lovers attend the festival each year to discover the “What’s Next?” in the craft beer world.  This year’s crowd was lucky enough to get a sneak peek of the latest seasonal release – Kentucky®️ Bourbon Barrel Cocoa Porter which finished kegging just days before needing to be expedited to the festival for its debut to the world.  Joe Minyard, Sales Director – West US recalls “It was bonkers out there this year, the Cocoa Porter was a hit…we ran out!”  Lexington will again participate in 2024 at the GABF celebration but for now is keeping tight lipped on what we might see next to release from within its Seasonal/Limited Release Barrel-Aged Beer lineup. 

Brand Highlights: 

Kentucky®️ Bourbon Barrel Cocoa Porter (SRP $14.99 / 4pk Bottles) 

·       Kentucky®️ Bourbon Barrel Cocoa Porter is brewed with five types of malts and cocoa nibs to build out a rich full body Porter with notes of bittersweet chocolate, oak, vanilla, and sweet toffee.  100% barrel-aged in freshly decanted Kentucky Bourbon Barrels. 

·       Malt Types: Chocolate, Carapils, Dark Munich Malt, Crystal Malt and 2-Row Pale Ale 

·       ABV: 8.0% / 16 Proof 

·       Estimated Availability: October [Estimated ~9,500 cases available to the US mkt] 

·       Cellar Regiment:  

o   Cellar Temperature: 42-degrees Fahrenheit  

o   Barrel Type: Freshly decanted Kentucky Bourbon Barrels 

·       Tasting Notes:  

o   Appearance: Dark brown to black 

o   Aroma: Chocolate, roasted malt 

o   Palate: Smooth, sweet and creamy 

o   Finish: Semi-sweet, toffee 

About the Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co.: 

Located in Lexington, Ky., Lexington Brewing Co. began in 1890 and was revitalized in 1999 by the late Dr. Pearse Lyons and his son Dr. Mark Lyons as Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co.  Dr. Pearse Lyons was a visionary Irish entrepreneur and scientist with a master’s degree in brewing and a Ph.D. in yeast fermentation. Lyons also founded Alltech, a global animal health and nutrition company. Today, both businesses are led by his son, Dr. Mark Lyons, who represents the seventh generation of the Lyons family to be in the brewing, distilling and cooperage industry.  Lexington Brewing & Distilling is home to the world-renowned Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale® and Town Branch Distillery, a member of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail®. Every emptied barrel is sustainably upcycled from the distillery to the brewery to produce world-class beer and spirits.  For more information, visit, or join the conversation FacebookInstagram or LinkedIn

About Town Branch Distillery: 

Located in Lexington, Ky., Town Branch Distillery is the first new distillery to open in Lexington, Ky. since Prohibition and part of Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co., the only brewery and distillery on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail®️.  It crafts the award-winning Town Branch Bourbon, Town Branch True Cask Bourbon, Town Branch Rye, Town Branch Malt and Bluegrass Sundown, a Bourbon-infused coffee liqueur. Town Branch Bourbon plays an integral role in production, where the used barrels are upcycled to craft a range of whiskey and barrel-aged beers internally over the lifetime of each barrel, including the flagship brew, Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale. For more information, visit, or join the conversation Facebook or Instagram

About Kentucky®️ Barrel-Aged Beers: 

The Kentucky®️ range of beers by Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co., the only brewery and distillery on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail®️ focuses on the art of barrel-aging beer as one of the largest barrel-aged beer brands in the world.  With its easy access to freshly decanted Kentucky Bourbon barrels and its inclusion as 1 of 18 Kentucky Bourbon Trail®️ Distilleries (Town Branch Distillery), Lexington capitalizes on the freshness of the barrel to create a style of barrel-aged beer unlike any other brewery in America.  It crafts the world-renowned Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale®, Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Imperial Milk Stout, Kentucky Vanilla Barrel Cream Ale, Kentucky Pumpkin Barrel Ale and an assortment of Kentucky® Barrel-Aged Seasonal/Specialty releases.  For more information, visit, or join the conversation Facebook or Instagram

About Alltech: 

Founded in 1980 by Irish entrepreneur and scientist Dr. Pearse Lyons, Alltech delivers smarter, more sustainable solutions for agriculture. Our diverse portfolio of products and services improves the health and performance of plants and animals, resulting in better nutrition for all and a decreased environmental impact.  We are a global leader in the agriculture industry. Our team produces specialty ingredients, premix supplements, feed and biologicals, backed by science and an unparalleled platform of services.  Strengthened by more than 40 years of scientific research, we carry forward a legacy of innovation and a unique culture that views challenges through an entrepreneurial lens. As a private, family-owned company, we adapt quickly to our customers’ needs and focus on advanced innovation.  We believe agriculture has the greatest potential to shape the future of our planet. Our more than 5,000 talented team members worldwide share our purpose of Working Together for a Planet of Plenty™. Together, we can provide nutrition for all, revitalize local economies and replenish the planet’s natural resources. Headquartered just outside of Lexington, Kentucky, USA, Alltech serves customers in more than 120 countries, has five bioscience centers, and operates more than 80 manufacturing facilities across the globe.  For more information, visit, or join the conversation on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn

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