Boone County Distilling Co. Launches Small Batch Gin

April 24, 2019

Ruckers & Gaines American Dry Gin Spring Release is a balanced union of crisp juniper and fresh citrus botanicals


BOONE COUNTY, KY, April 24, 2019 – Boone County Distilling Company, one of Kentucky’s most exciting craft distillers, is launching a seasonal line of small batch Gin, starting with Ruckers & Gaines American Dry Gin Spring Release.

From grain to glass, this spirited gin is born from shifting turns of the season. Distilled by hand with a clean yet robust blend of botanicals, the Ruckers & Gaines American Dry Gin Spring Release is a balanced union of crisp juniper and fresh citrus. The mélange of spices also includes grapefruit, lemon peel, coriander, angelica root and lemongrass. Bright citrus, warm spices, and juniper blend together with a smooth and dry finish with zesty lemon notes. The Spring Release is a perfect complement to a spring day, whether sipped straight or mixed in a cocktail. “We are excited to bring this new spirit to our line-up. We have many customers who love our approach to bourbon and want to see our same approach in other spirits” stated Josh Quinn, Boone County Distilling Company Co-founder.

Boone County Distilling Company honors the fabled pioneers who had the courage and vision to take the helm at the Petersburg Distillery in the 1800’s. The spirits of today take inspiration from the best of these men. Ruckers & Gaines were roads that came together to make an intersection that was central to the Petersburg Distillery. “The gin is a purposeful intersection of botanicals, so we thought using the names of the central paths that the men crossed was fitting,” stated Quinn.

Boone County built a reputation for creating smooth, balanced spirits. At the beginning of each fall and spring season, Boone County will produce a new, limited release of seasonally-inspired gin. The Ruckers & Gaines American Dry Gin releases will only be available in the Boone County Distilling gift shop and select Northern Kentucky retailers.

About Boone County Distilling Company Reminiscent of the days when bourbon was celebrated as the life-blood of the region, we have built and now run a distillery that respects the early pioneers who crafted spirits in Boone County more than 100 years ago. We use a 500-gallon pot still, four fermenters, a bottling line and a small team of passionate bourbon drinkers to produce award winning craft bourbon, white whiskies, delicious bourbon cream and select spirits. Our distillery, tasting room and gift shop are located at 10601 Toebben Drive in Boone County, Kentucky. Visit our for hours of operation and tour times.


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