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Boundary Oak Distillery Plans $4 Million Expansion

June 11, 2022

June 11, 2022

Ten years into the Goodin family dream of starting a distillery, the family business is ready to announce a $4 million expansion of its operation in Radcliff.

In addition to increasing its spirit production to as much as 1,000 barrels per year, Boundary Oak Distillery plans an enlarged, mechanized bottling operation and a rickhouse where the barrels can be stored as the bourbon ages.

Master Distiller Brent Goodin said he hopes to negotiate purchases that would allow all the construction to occur alongside the distillery off Ky. 313 in Radcliff. He thinks that’s the best approach to enhance its tourism trade, which is the basis for its lease agreement with Radcliff city government.

“I’d love to build it there,” he said, mentioning the availability of adjacent lots but also opportunities elsewhere in Hardin County.

The investment plans, which Goodin will formally announce today during the Kentucky Moonshine Festival at the distillery, actually began last fall with the installation of the company’s third still on site. New fermentation tanks were purchased this week to increase capacity to 10,000 gallons, Goodin said.

He expects the total expansion will be completed over two years and will increase employment from 13 to 20 workers. The expanded bar, a centerpiece of the distillery’s tourist center, has been completed and is part of the Goodin family’s private investment.

“We have no investors. We have no borrowed money. We have no money from the state, no matching funds,” Goodin said. “This was all done in house.”

Goodin said he believes Boundary Oak is unique in that its development all have come without outside investors and been financed through proceeds of the business.

Classified as a craft distillery on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, Boundary Oak’s products and its marketing have made in-roads among consumers. The company now distributes to 19 states with 10 distinct product lines ranging from Lincoln Straight Bourbon, Patton Armored Diesel and Kentucky Moonshine to specially flavored formulas such as St. Luke Lavender Whiskey and Cinnful 69. The operation also sells commemorative product lines of special interest, primarily aimed at military retirees.

In association with Red Hill Cutlery and its pocketknife museum next door, Boundary Oak has created a tourism destination on the north end of Radcliff with direct access to Interstate 65 via Ky. 313. Goodin said the Distillery Trail industry newsletter ranked Boundary Oak as one of the top facilities to visit in America and the Kentucky Living magazine’s Best of Kentucky rankings recently listed it as one of its three finalists for the 2022 best distillery award.

In addition to daily tourism opportunities, the neighboring businesses work together to stage special events such as the Moonshine Festival from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. today and the second Bourbon and Blades gathering Sept. 11, which features country singer LeAnn Rimes in concert.

Hardin County’s first licensed distillery since Prohibition, Boundary Oak began in a family discussion with his three sons, two of whom still work in leadership positions in the business. Goodin said at times he’s been surprised by their success.

“I had no idea,” Goodin said. “I thought it would fun and enjoyable … I thought it might be interesting to do but it seemed to keep right on rolling.”

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