KDA Statement on Passage of House Bill 100

March 9, 2017

March 8, 2017

“House Bill 100 is another important step forward in modernizing the Commonwealth’s alcohol laws and strengthening Kentucky’s rightful place as the one, true and authentic home of Bourbon and distilled spirits.

“This much-needed bill continues our efforts to level the playing field with our partners in the beer and wine industry, while clarifying long-held standards that whiskey carrying the revered and respected Kentucky name is actually distilled and aged in our state.

“We’re also thrilled with the opportunity for our retail partners to buy and sell vintage spirits. This has been widely successful in other states and cities, where consumers are seeking and savoring a genuine history lesson in Kentucky’s great Bourbons and whiskeys.

“Now, Kentucky bars, restaurants and package stores will be able to assemble the world’s finest Bourbon and spirits libraries, attracting more and more tourists and whiskey connoisseurs from all over the world.

“We’d like to specifically thank the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Chad McCoy of Bardstown, House and Senate Leadership from both parties, Sen. John Schickel and Rep. Adam Koenig, and all members who voted for this significant legislation.”

— Eric Gregory, President, Kentucky Distillers’ Association, a non-profit trade group founded in 1880 that represents 33 of the state’s distilleries.

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