Rabbit Hole to Premiere Founder’s Collection with Cask Strength Boxergrail Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey

September 11, 2020

Limited Edition Release Expresses Whiskey Maker’s Creativity and Commitment to Innovation 

Louisville, KY (September 10, 2020) – Kaveh Zamanian, founder and whiskey maker of Rabbit Hole is proud to announce the premiere of Rabbit Hole Founder’s Collection, a new platform under which he will develop special bottlings that showcase his creativity and commitment to the artistry of whiskey making. For his first Founder’s Collection release, Kaveh will unveil a spectacular embodiment of his craft with Boxergrail Founder’s Collection Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey, a limited edition, cask-strength expression made from the first batches of rye whiskey he ever made. 

Kaveh Zamanian said, “I’m extremely proud of our collection of core offerings, each completely unique from all other whiskies. With Founder’s Collection and by extension, Boxergrail Founder’s Collection Cask Strength Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey, we are showcasing an even deeper expression of our creativity as a brand, giving me and my team the ability to produce limited edition spirits that are made with originality and our unique approach to innovation. With this and future Founder’s Collection releases, we will hand select barrels that embody perfection. These ‘honey barrels’ will be bottled in numbered editions and offered at cask strength to ensure that connoisseurs experience the liquid as it’s meant to be, untouched.” 

For Rabbit Hole Boxergrail Founder’s Collection, carefully selected grains were prepared and fermented at ideal temperatures, distilled to their essence, aged for six years in the wood fired, toasted and charred #3 new American oak barrels that Kaveh personally selected from the very first batches of rye he created, and were harvested from just seven barrels, once they were ready to reveal their full flavor and character. This rye whiskey is 100% Kentucky-made and specifically crafted according to Kaveh’s proprietary cooking processes to create a unique and singular drinking experience. 

“My heart and soul go into every single drop of liquid I create, and all of it is precious to me. Yet among the vast number of barrels I laid down when I started Rabbit Hole, years later, I discovered a few exceptional barrels that had a nearly transcendent quality. Those are the barrels I harvested for the launch of Founder’s Collection and this is the Kentucky rye whiskey that I’ve created for my first cask-strength offering,” said Kaveh. 

Boxergrail Founder’s Collection elevates Rabbit Hole’s award winning Boxergrail Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey to a level of sublime. This special release showcases how cask and whiskey come together at its natural strength to create a dimensional rye with an incredible spectrum of flavor. Comprised of 95% rye and 5% malted barley, Boxergrail Founder’s Collection, like all whiskies in the Rabbit Hole portfolio, has a low entry proof of 110 for deeper complexity. This cask- strength offering is 114.6 proof/57.3% ABV. 

The experience of Rabbit Hole Boxergrail Founder’s Collection Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey Cask Strength begins with an intriguing nose of butterscotch, mint, dill and citrus. On the palate, rich flavors of caramel, black pepper, vanilla and herbaceous spice envelope the palate before yielding to an enduring finish of black tea, sweet vanilla and citrus. 

Boxergrail Founder’s Collection Rye Whiskey Cask Strength will be available beginning in October at fine retail shops. Only 1,315 sequentially-numbered bottles will be released for a suggested retail price of $195 per bottle. 

In true Rabbit Hole fashion, the presentation is second only to the liquid inside the bottle. Featuring embossed-glass detailing of the brand’s iconic sash label, exquisite gold foil decoration and a sophisticated green and teal neck label that highlights the individual bottle number, Boxergrail Founder’s Collection also features a gold medal cork engraved with Kaveh’s family crest of “Amare et Opus,” which speaks to his motto of loving what you do. The bottle itself is presented in a keepsake gift box wrapped in Rabbit Hole’s signature linen pattern with an elegant gold foil text treatment. 

Kaveh Zamanian suggests that spirits enthusiasts enjoy Boxergrail Founder’s Collection at full strength or with a touch of water to release additional layers of detail and character, yet encourages imbibers to never be afraid to drink this new spirit and others as they please. 

“Let our carefully crafted whiskey be a metaphor for life. Complexity can be beautiful. Differences are something to appreciate. And life is best lived in the company of those we love,” said Kaveh. 

The original Boxergrail Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey was launched in 2016 and has since received top honors including but not limited to a Gold Medal in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition (2020); “Best of Class” and a Double Gold Medal in the NY Wine and Spirits Competition (2019); a Gold Medal in the Los Angeles International Spirits Competition (2017); a Gold Medal in the Sip Awards (2017) and a 92/Gold Medal from Tastings.com (2016). 

About Rabbit Hole 

Diversifying the spirits landscape with one-of-a-kind whiskeys is Kentucky-based Rabbit Hole. Established in 2012 by Founder and Whiskey Maker Kaveh Zamanian, Rabbit Hole unifies heritage techniques with innovative, exclusive mash bills to create singular expressions of super premium American whiskey. Through its signature bottlings – Cavehill Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Boxergrail Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey, Dareringer Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished in PX Sherry Casks and Heigold Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Rabbit Hole turns the whiskey world on its tail, inviting imbibers to take a sip and dive down the rabbit hole, where “there’s no going backTM.” The brand’s iconic, awe-inspiring distillery, named the architectural icon of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, produces 1.2 million proof gallons annually and showcases the entire process of crafting bourbon from grain to bottle, unlike any other distillery in the country. Follow Rabbit Hole on Instagram @Rabbit Hole and Facebook @ Rabbit Hole Distillery. 

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