Second Sight Spirits Unveils Doc Galahan’s Scarlet Veil: A Red Absinthe with Interactive Art

January 29, 2024

LUDLOW, KY – Jan 29, 2024 – Second Sight Spirits, the distinguished handcrafted distillery and lounge located in Ludlow, KY, proudly announces the launch of its latest creation, Doc Galahan’s Scarlet Veil – A Red Absinthe. This innovative red absinthe is the result of a collaborative effort between Second Sight and Doc Galahan, a local Cincinnati artist renowned for his narrative art projects circulating throughout the greater Cincinnati area since 2021.

Inspired by an 1850’s French recipe, Scarlet Veil deviates from the traditional green hue associated with absinthe. Instead, its striking red color is derived from the infusion of hibiscus petals. The flavor profile offers a refreshing departure from the typical robust licorice notes, featuring a lighter touch with prominent floral undertones, a hint of mint and a natural sweetness, making it an absinthe open to newcomers.

Another attribute that sets Scarlet Veil apart is its unique interactive element. The red-hued absinthe acts as a lens, revealing a mesmerizing image on the opposite side of the bottle. This artwork is a manifestation of Doc Galahan’s exploration into “Spectraglyphs,” prints with layers in Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow. When exposed to red, green, or blue light, the images separate into three distinct layers, creating an engaging visual experience. As the bottle empties, the entire Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow masterpiece is revealed and can be enjoyed perpetually using Doc’s Monocle, a web app providing red, green, and blue lenses.

Second Sight Spirits and Doc will be celebrating this convergence of craftmanship and artistry in all day event at the Second Sight Lounge on Saturday, February 10th from 9 AM – 6 PM. The event will feature Doc’s interactive art, absinthe fountains, cocktail recipes and demonstrations, performers and more! The Second Sight Lounge is located at 301 Elm Street in Ludlow, Kentucky.

Doc Galahan is a Cincinnati-based pseudonymous artist, printmaker, and writer who is creating a multidisciplinary work covering street art installations, gallery exhibitions, creative fiction, and digital media. Learn more about Doc Galahan’s work at

Founded by Rick Couch and Carus Waggoner, Second Sight Spirits envisions a new era of artisan distilling, prioritizing premium, locally sourced products presented in innovative ways. Second Sight Spirits brings their own creative experience to Northern Kentucky, shaping a unique and compelling narrative in the realm of artisanal distilling. Learn more about Second Sight Spirits at

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