Smartphone Techonology Rewards Halloween Revelers for Making Good Decisions

October 26, 2015

Campari America, Kiip, Lyft Reprise Award-Winning Social Responsibility Campaign


Wild Turkey safe ridesSAN FRANCISCO (October 26, 2015) –
Campari America and Kiip, the mobile rewards platform, want to keep all ghosts, goblins, and witches safe this Halloween. The two companies have teamed up once again to promote responsible drinking and social responsibility by offering consumers credits for the popular ridesharing application Lyft this Halloween, making sure everyone has a safe and secure ride home after a Saturday night of costumed merriment.

Using Kiip’s “Moments Targeting” technology, Campari America can engage Halloween party-goers at the most relevant moment when it comes to drinking responsibly: before the ride back home. Part of the company’s ongoing social responsibility campaign, the initiative encourages and inspires positive decision-making after a night on the town.

How it Works

Kiip leverages real-time location and timing data to determine when legal drinking age mobile users are apt to drink. As a result, when someone is on a Kiip-enabled app during peak drinking hours – such as weekend nights, happy hours, and holidays – and in an area with a high concentration of bars and restaurants, they could receive a reward from Campari America. These featured rewards offer individuals credits for the ridesharing app Lyft, which allows users to easily order a ride home on their smartphones.

This summer, Campari America was the first company to offer Lyft credits as a reward via Kiip’s mobile platform. This is also the company’s first multi-brand corporate social responsibility initiative on Kiip with rewards powered by Wild Turkey® Straight Kentucky Bourbon and American Honey®.  The successful initiative, which generated an unheard of 33% engagement rate, recently took home a Mobile Mafia Award at the Mobile Media Summit for “Best B2C Mobile Branding.”

“We saw terrific engagement with our summer 2015 campaign, so it was a natural decision to bring back the rewards program for Halloween, a popular party holiday for adults. We always strive to meet consumers where they are and help them make smart decisions.  This innovative partnership with Kiip and Lyft ensures we effectively promote responsible drinking by using the power of digital technology,” said Dave Karraker, Vice President, Engagement & Advocacy at Campari America.

Kiip CEO Brian Wong agrees: “With an engagement rate much higher than our industry average, the platform is truly meeting consumers’ needs.  By providing value to consumers at the moment it matters most, we go beyond simply telling our consumers to drink responsibly.”

The rewards appear in relevant apps which include Mixology, Mixologist and onthebar, as well as apps such as 365Scores, Lucktastic, and Credit Sesame. The program was created by m/SIX, a GroupM company.

Enjoy Like a True Kentuckian: Responsibly