O.Z. Tyler Distillery Releases First Production Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey

April 17, 2018

-Bourbon is fast-filtered using TerrePURE®-


Owensboro, Ky. – (April 16, 2018) For the first time in more than twenty years, Kentucky Bourbon is back in Owensboro.  It is produced and bottled at the O.Z. Tyler Distillery, originally Green River Distillery circa 1880’s and most recently the Charles Medley Distillery.  Kentucky’s newest Bourbon, O.Z. Tyler, is made from locally sourced corn and superior malt barley and rye and is a marriage between the time-honored craft of Bourbon making and 21st century innovation. Fast-filtered with the patented TerrePURE® technology, this first production is now available at the distillery and throughout the state.  It will be sold for under $23 for a 750-milliliter bottle.

O.Z. Tyler’s Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey is a blend consisting of 70-percent corn, 21-percent rye and 9-percent malted barley. It is a traditionally made Bourbon Whiskey that is aged in #4 char oak barrels for the required year and a day. Once it has been barrel aged, it is fast-filtered for 8 hours with TerrePURE, an all-natural process that uses ultrasonic energy to remove harsh impurities leaving only a smooth liquid with a great mouth-feel that tastes comparable to other fine bourbons.  In addition to the Bourbon, the distillery is also launching its new O.Z. Tyler Rye Whiskey at the same time.

According to Earl Hewlette, CEO of the O.Z, Tyler Distillery and parent company, Terressentia Corporation, the TerrePURE technology is meant to speed up and improve the aging process.  “Waiting for spirits to age can be costly.  Thanks to this technology we can get liquids from the barrel to market much quicker, which means more product and much less loss to the angel’s share,” he said.  “We are not trying to compete with extensively aged whiskies, rather O.Z. Tyler Bourbon Whiskey is a smooth, delicious and affordable option that rivals many of the bourbons being produced today.”

Terressentia purchased the dormant distillery in 2014 and began renovations on what became the O.Z. Tyler Distillery – named after O.Z. “Ty” Tyler creator of TerrePURE.  At the same time, veteran distillers Ron Call (second generation) and his son, Jacob, (third generation) came on board to help get the operations underway.  Soon after, Jacob was hired as O.Z. Tyler’s Master Distiller overseeing all aspects of whiskey production and warehousing for the facility.  The Distillery now employs 65 people and produces more than 220 barrels a day.

For more information about O.Z. Tyler Whiskies and services, or for a tour, contact Amy Grossman or visit www.oztylerdistillery.com.


Named for O.Z. “Ty” Tyler, creator of the patented TerrePURE distilling technology, the O.Z. Tyler Distillery opened in 2016 in Owensboro, Kentucky.  It produces more than 72,000 barrels a year of its own label Bourbon and Rye as well bulk brands and private label spirits.  The Distillery also provides Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey, Rye Whiskey and American Whiskey to licensed distillers and international spirits traders.  The historic Distillery is open for tours, tastings and private events. For more information visit www.oztylerdistillery.com.

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