The Old Pogue Distillery Announces Release of Old Maysville Club Rye

February 28, 2017

The Old Pogue Distillery, LLC, dba Old Pogue, Maysville, Mason County, Kentucky, today announced the release of its iconic and historical “Old Maysville Club” Kentucky Straight Rye Malt Whisky. “Old Maysville Club” Rye is a Bottled in Bond Whisky, distilled and bottled by The Old Pogue Distillery, in Bourbon’s Birthplace, Maysville,

“Old Maysville Club” was one of Old Pogue’s original brands with a history dating back to 1876. At its height pre-Prohibition, Old Maysville Club was known to sell thousands of barrels throughout North America, and even as far away as Japan.

Today’s Old Maysville Club uses a Pogue family recipe dating back to 1876, and is a Kentucky Straight Rye Malt Whisky, Bottled in Bond (100 proof), under U.S. Government Supervision, and aged in bonded warehouses.

Although Old Maysville Club has just been released, it is already receiving critically acclaimed reviews from whisky reviewers, and was just awarded one of a limited number of Silver Medals by the American Craft Spirits Association. Aged in Kentucky made charred new oak 53 gallon barrels for four years, Old Maysville Club has been described as follows:

Color: Gold with a copper wash.

Nose: Toasted pumpernickel bread, with a whiff of mustiness akin to an old grain bin, and a fruity sweet note.

Palate: A current of rye spiciness, restrained by a wallop of toasty grain, and a little nibble of dried apricot coming up at the end.

Mouthfeel: Thick and oily.

Finish: A touch spicy, but overall it is a gentle and lasting experience.

Overall: In the glass a swish puts a thick, sticky coating on the inside of the glass; one that drops legs so reluctantly and slowly, and with such heavy drops, that it is described more of a crown than legs. The main thing about Old Maysville Club is that it is both old fashioned and novel at the same time.

The Old Pogue Distillery is proud to revive this historical brand originally made in Bourbon’s Birthplace, Maysville, Kentucky. Old Maysville Club will be available throughout Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, and in selected areas in Metro New York.

Contact: Peter H. Pogue
[email protected]

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