Wilderness Trail Holiday Release

Amandalin Ryan
Amandalin Ryan,
December 9, 2021

Dec. 9 

For immediate release 

Danville, KY. – Hot pink is the color of the label for Wilderness Trail Distillery’s six-year-old, four grain, cask-strength Bourbon to be sold during the Dec. 10 and 11 holiday open house. The cost  is $250 per bottle with proceeds from the sales going to Wilderness Trail’s charity fund that  supports families impacted by cancer. There is a limit of six bottles per person. 

The distillery will sell ¾ ounce pours of the pink label for $25 as a way for people to enjoy this  rare Bourbon and support the cause. 

A four-grain is rare for Wilderness Trail as the distillery’s usual Bourbon mashbill is either 64%  corn, 24% wheat and 12% barley or 64% corn, 24% rye and 12% barley. Master Distiller Shane  Baker and distillery co-owner explains that in October 2015 Wilderness Trail was making a  seasonal change over from rye small grain production to wheat. As the grain bin was being  purged to accept the wheat crop, there was not enough of the rye to set a full fermenter with a  regular mash bill.  

“We immediately jumped at the opportunity to work with four grains and create Wilderness  Trail’s first ever four-grain Bourbon whiskey. Since we had enough rye small grain for half of our  normal mash bill of 24% rye, it offered the perfect approach to our four-grain mash bill to add  12% wheat for a mash bill of 64% corn, 12% rye, 12% wheat and 12% malted barley, a linear  expression of our two Bourbons. We kept our ester rich yeast strain we use in our Bourbons and  went into the barrel at our standard 110 proof for Bourbon.” 

The distillery plans to produce more four-grain Bourbon, but there will be a gap of several years  before the next release. 

Proceeds go to the distillery’s cancer charity, which aids people impacted by cancer in many  ways. 

“We have paid overdue bills, bought meals for families, and set up college funds for surviving  children. Proceeds from this special release will be offered to more families over the holidays  this year,” says Baker. 

The holiday open house will be 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Dec. 10 and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Dec. 11 at 4095  Lebanon Road. The open house includes food, fun and gift shop specials. Mention Holiday 2021  and receive 50% off one item when purchasing an item of equal or less value. (excludes alcohol,  Nike and Patagonia) Good for one purchase only.

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