Kentucky is the one true authentic home for bourbon.  The legendary distilleries of Kentucky appreciate that this heritage and distinction brings with it a significant commitment to alcohol responsibility, community and the environment.  Many of our Kentucky Distillers’ Association (KDA) members make a positive impact through their own activities.  While these investments are important, our home, our patrons and our industry will also benefit from more collective action and greater collaboration.


When consumed responsibly and in moderation, bourbon can be a source of pleasure and a positive experience for many.  However, we know that when our product is consumed irresponsibly, it can have negative or even devastating consequences.  We play an active role in protecting the safety of our patrons and the well-being of our community by reducing irresponsible consumption, underage drinking and drunk driving.  Through partnership, we seek out and support effective programs, solutions and public policies that make a difference in these critical areas and help to grow our signature industry in the right way.


Our industry is also dependent on the natural resources that make it possible.  Our products are based in agriculture, made from high quality sources of water and rely upon healthy ecosystems.  Environmental sustainability is important to our companies, our consumers and our economy.  We demonstrate leadership in our own practices as well as encourage broader environmental stewardship in Kentucky that benefits our patrons, employees and citizens of the Commonwealth.


We can only succeed when the communities in which we live and work thrive as well.  As proud corporate citizens of Kentucky, we give back and invest our resources in vibrant communities that improve the quality of life, attract and develop talented employees and welcome visitors.


Kentucky Bourbon is unique in that it is anchored in a real sense of place.  We want this place to be one that prospers responsibly and sustainably for generations to come.


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