Bourbon Stories
Five Reasons Bourbon Outshines Vodka
When you buy a bottle of vodka, you’re paying for the packaging, marketing and the hip celebrity endorsing it. You’re certainly not paying for flavor. The U.S. government defines vodka “to be without distinctive character, aroma, taste, or color,” according to the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau (TTB), the federal arm that regulates alcohol.
Fred Minnick
Fred Minnick,
July 30, 2021
Your Next Game Night Just Got Way More Spirited
While William Faulkner famously quipped that “civilization starts with distillation,” he easily could have added board games to the beginnings of the ‘modern’ world. Games like Senet and Backgammon go back thousands of years, and picturing ancient cultures thoughtfully analyzing moves and pawns with a libation close at hand isn’t difficult to do. 
Adam Johnson
Adam Johnson,
July 29, 2021
Train Before You Trail: How to Train Your Senses for the Ky Bourbon Trail® Tour (Part 2)
The Kentucky Bourbon Trail® adventure is about more than just tossing back a few ounces at distilleries. If you want to truly experience the wonders of America’s native spirit, take some time to train for the experience. You wouldn’t head to a marathon without training beforehand, would you?
Heather Wibbels
Heather Wibbels,
July 24, 2021
Train Before You Trail: How to Build Your Own Bourbon Sensory Kit (Part 1)
You’d train for a marathon, right? So, any two, three or four day trip to Kentucky’s Bourbon Trail deserves a little training as well. The bonus side: you’ll be training with Bourbon. You won’t be tracking split speeds and durations, rather, we’re going to exercise the senses instead – your sense of smell and taste. Did I mention you get to practice with Bourbon?
Heather Wibbels
Heather Wibbels,
July 24, 2021
6 Tips to Use Cocktail Bitters Better
After making so many cocktails at home, there are some cocktail bitters tips I’ll pass on to you. Some of these I’ve learned the hard way. Some are just common sense. All of these are practices I use every single time I create a cocktail with bitters. None of these are rocket science, but forgetting any of these can ruin a great cocktail. 
Heather Wibbels
Heather Wibbels,
July 22, 2021
Enjoy Like a True Kentuckian: Responsibly