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Which Bourbon Cocktail Should You Sip, According to Your Sign?

October 12, 2021

Wondering which Bourbon cocktail to try, but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry⁠—it’s written in the stars! Who knew you could look to the cosmos for a perfectly curated crave-worthy drink. Just like you, every Bourbon cocktail has its own unique traits and characteristics. From sweet and sour to dramatic and bubbly, here’s our guide on what to sip according to your sign.

This content is intended for individuals who have travelled at least twenty-one earthly rotations around the sun.
Please imbibe responsibly.

old fashioned cocktail on a bar

Aries → Old Fashioned

Aries like to be number one. They’re brave trailblazers, trendsetters and leaders. So naturally, we thought of the Old Fashioned. This simple cocktail has paved the way for so many delicious Bourbon concoctions, and in Kentucky, the Old Fashioned will always be number one.

Recipe: Old Fashioned

Woman assembling a mint julep at a bar

Taurus → Mint Julep

If you appreciate soothing aromas, succulent flavors, and all things “luxury” but still appreciate the value of a dollar, you might be a Taurus and this one might be for you. The preparation of a proper mint julep is so elaborate, from the silver cup to the perfectly chosen mint to proprietary simple syrup ratios and perfectly crushed ice. That’s why we only make them once a year around the running of the Kentucky Derby® when mint is in season, and (not coincidentally) when the Taurus came into the world. A Mint Julep is constructed to be smelled as it is consumed with a large sprig of mint bobbing by your nose as you sip it through a straw. Nothing is more luxurious than that.

Recipe: Mint Julep

Gemini → Whiskey Sour, Two Ways!

Gemini are the socialite twins with bubbly and zesty personalities. Since we provided two ways to make a Whiskey Sour (classic and New York), we found this to be the perfect pairing. If you think you need sour mix to make a Whiskey Sour, bless your heart. Follow these simple steps to win your next social event – add an egg white for extra drama!

Recipe: Whiskey Sours

Cancer → Hot Toddy

If you tell a sensitive, nurturing Cancer that you have a cold, they will most certainly make you a Hot Toddy. Served warm with lemon juice, honey and cinnamon, it’s sure to cure what ails you…or at least make you feel cozy and loved. Cancers – put on the kettle and treat yo self the way you undoubtedly treat others.

Recipe: Hot Toddy

Leo → Seelbach

These vivacious, theatrical Leos know how to entertain, so after curtain call you know what they’ll be drinking! Nothing makes a more dramatic statement than the Seelbach – tall and bubbly with champagne, Bourbon and orange liqueur. 

Recipe: Seelbach

Virgo → Bourbon Highball

The practical Virgo may tend toward drinks that are highly versatile and make use of ingredients you already have around the house – waste not want not! The Bourbon Highball is a tried and true tipple for Bourbon lovers due its simplicity, diversity and refreshing nature. You start with Bourbon and add soda…ginger beer, seltzer, soda water…whatever you like. How logical is that!

Recipe: Bourbon Highball

Libra → Boulevardier

Libras are known to be laid back and appreciate symmetry, harmony and balance. For a Libra, there’s nothing better than a Boulevardier. Based on its gin-based cousin, the Negoni, a Boulevardier utilizes equal Bourbon, Campari and sweet vermouth for the perfect balance of bitter, sweet, and Bourbon (we like to bump the Bourbon ratio up just a little). Since the recipe is so simple to remember and prepare, you may be enjoying this one all Libra season.

Recipe: Boulevardier

Scorpio → Stone Fence

Scorpios come into the world just as fall is turning into winter. While charming and charismatic, the Scorpio can be very private…you could say they construct “fences” to keep others out of their private lives. And since they come into the world just as fall is turning into winter, we thought the Stone Fence would be the obvious choice. This delicious fall beverage with apple cider, spiced Angostura® bitters and Bourbon can be served chilled over ice or warm in your favorite mug.

Recipe: Stone Fence

Sagittarius → Bloody Mary

The social and spontaneous Sagittarius is all about that brunch! Nothing pairs better with weekend hangs with friends and eggs benedict than a Bourbon Bloody Mary. Be adventurous with your garnish game – candied bacon, tajin, skewers of pickled things…there are no wrong answers. Think Bloody Marys can only be made with vodka? Once you try it our way, you’ll never go back. 

Recipe: Bloody Mary

Capricorn → Manhattan

A hardworking and mature Capricorn is certainly going to opt for a mature Bourbon cocktail, and the Manhattan is just that. The workhorse of many a cocktail bar – the Manhattan is composed of three ingredients that are always delicious. This drink is resilient having withstood the test of time on menus for 100+ years. Pairs well with far-away looks and all-knowing glances.

Recipe: Manhattan

Aquarius → Paper Plane

Innovative, progressive, offbeat and unique. If you’re a Bourbon-loving Aquarius and you’re not drinking a Paper Plane you might just be missing out. Not all classics are 100 years old. Sam Ross made cocktail history in 2007 when he invented this beautiful concoction of Bourbon, Aperol, Amaro Nonino and lemon juice. Oft garnished with a literal miniature paper plane, this drink goes its own way, and we are happy to follow.

Recipe: Paper Plane

Pisces → Manhattan

These old souls are creative, sensitive and intuitive…which are all perfect traits when crafting a truly memorable Manhattan. This cocktail is a classic for a reason – super simple with Bourbon, sweet vermouth, bitters and an optional cherry. But with a little creativity, there are so many ways to make this drink yours. Try different Bourbons, switch out vermouth for Averna or another amaro, play with the hundreds of bitters on the market, and garnish to your heart’s content with a Luxardo cherry, lemon twist, candied ginger or even a chocolate. The sky (or the sea) is the limit.

Recipe: Manhattan

Enjoy Like a True Kentuckian: Responsibly